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News – by Zenagen Team

How Stress Causes Hair Loss and How Zenagen Helps Alopecia

Can Stress Cause Hair Loss and How Zenagen Helps There are a variety causes of hair loss and stress can be a cause. This is often a cause but there are several other causes of hair loss including thyroid dysfunctions like Hyperthyroid or Hypothyroid conditions; as well as a lot of medications such as chemotherapy, even birth control pills can cause on hair loss. 100 Hairs a Day It is completely ok and normal to shed up to 100 hairs each day as part of this hair loss cycle. Some people have excessive shedding that is often seen at the beginning of hair loss and it is this type of hair loss that you need to look out for. Excessive shedding can occur in men and women.     Stress and Hair Loss Alopecia or the thinning hair can also be attributed to stress and trauma that can cause do some serious damage to hair follicles and scalp. Increased constriction of blood supply and poor vitamin absorbtion in to the scalp and hair can result in increased shedding. Diet can also play a role and has been shown that a high consumption of animal fat, high protein can affect hair. Many environmental triggers and toxins like color treatments, chlorine, and water minerals can all be factors can be causing your clients’ hair to look thinner. Hair Follicle Hardening The hardening of follicles can cause issues with hair growth. The hair growth cycle can be disrupted and more hair is shed than normal. Hair growth stops completely and baldness can quickly result. Age and hormones It has been stated that about 50 percent of women experience hair loss have female-pattern baldness! Not all hair thinning and loss is untreatable. Learn More About Zenagen Zenagen hair care products are formulated specifically to help treat male and female hair loss. The products are developed for female hormonal hair loss, caused by hanging hormones and heredity cause some to lose more hair than others. Learn more about Zenagen Hair Care Products and you can order Zenagen Online.

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News – by Zenagen Team


Post partum hair loss is the term used to describe the hair thinning experienced by many women after giving birth. Before a woman becomes pregnant, around 90 percent of her hair follicles are in the growing phase which is also known as anagen. The remaining 10 percent are in telogen or the resting stage. This phase lasts for around 3 months before the hair falls out usually at a rate of around 100 strands a day. During pregnancy, high levels of the hormone estrogen prolong the hair growing phase which results in the hair becoming longer. Since this hormone also reduces the number of hairs entering the resting stage and being shed, the tresses are also noticeably thicker. After delivery, estrogen levels in the body drop and a larger than usual number of hairs enter their resting stage before falling out. This post partum shedding typically begins to become conspicuous three months after giving birth though mothers who were breastfeeding their babies exclusively may notice it at around six months when they begin weaning them. Though many women lose hair from around their hairline, a good number notice thinning all over the head. This hair loss after baby can range from shedding several strands while shampooing to losing large clumps of around 500 strands while brushing the hair. The good news about post partum shedding is that it is not a permanent condition. Most women regain their full pre-pregnancy hair once their hormones stabilize which is usually by the time their baby is six months to one year old. There is new tool for post partum hair loss and it is Zenagen Evolve treatment. This naturally derived shampoo based treatment and conditioner can help reduce post pregnancy related hair loss shedding or post partum hair loss in women. Mothers stressed by the state of their tresses can benefit greatly from consulting a professional hair stylist who carries Zenagen Evolve shampoo and conditioner to target post baby shedding. How Zenagen Evolve works is targets the hair follicle and optimizes the scalp and hair environment against the changes in hormones that women after pregnancy see. To use Zenagen Evolve it is very simple. Simply put a small sized amount in your hand, gently massage the product into the scalp, once it foams up leave the product on the scalp for 5 minutes. Rinse use your Zenagen Evolve Conditioner and you are done. Repeat this process every couple days. Best results against post baby shedding is to start Zenagen Evolve is after your baby is born and you are ready to and able to start shampooing regularly. Zenagen takes some time to start to work and protect hairs, so it is vital that you start 3 months before that dreaded 6 months post baby delivery timeline that is known as the start of post partum hair loss.   If you have already started shedding from baby birth, you can start using Zenagen to help return your hair volume and strength the fastest possible. From a style point of view you may also change the part from one side of the head to the other is one simple thing that can be done to hide thinning temples. Curling the hair can also give an appearance of volume. Getting a short, layered cut can also make it appear fuller and save the new mother time since shorter manes require less maintenance.  Ladies with more severe post partum hair loss can wear hair ornaments to hide the thinning patches. For example those who have to work outside the home can wear stylish scarves while those who spend their days with their babies can wear headbands to cover receding hairlines. Mothers who continue shedding hair 12 months after their baby is born should consult their healthcare, provider since iron deficiency anemia and hypothyroidism or low levels of thyroid hormones are other causes of post partum hair loss.  Learn More about hair at Zenagen Online Shop Blog

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