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LeBron James Hair Loss Reversed?

What has happened to LeBron James hair loss?

Zenagen LeBron James Hair Loss Before AfterMany, Many, Many people are watching the NBA finals and there has been much talk about the LeBron James hair loss, and what has happened. Some astute viewers have commented that he has stopped wearing the headband, and Lebron's receding hair line seemed more pronounced. Lebron James is at the age that hair loss often accelerates for men, and it is no surprise given the years of thinning many people have noticed him having. There are a variety of theories on LeBron's hair loss mystery. The best "King James" hair related suggestions are as follows:

LeBron James Hair Loss Theory #1: It is cosmetic coverup. This theory is based on the fact that some people believe LeBron has hair fillers to make his hair look thicker and to hide his hair loss. LeBron has been seen in several movie roles with noticeably thicker hair and later while playing basketball, his hair seems thinner.

LeBron James Hair Loss Theory #2: Hair transplants. While hair loss transplants would make LeBron's dome look like he has not had hair loss, there are several things that make this theory tough to buy into. Hair loss transplants are a specialized process that often times takes several rounds of surgery to be complete job. This process requires the scalp and hair to be protected against damage, friction, and even excessive sweat. As arguably one of the best athlete's in the world, LeBron James would likely not be able to get hair transplant surgery during the season, and his hair line and hair loss has been seen to improve and change drastically during the season. Hair loss transplants for LeBron would likely need to be done during the off season. Most people with hair transplants are suggested to use a supporting product to maintain their new found hair line, something like Zenagen Revolve treatment shampoo.

LeBron Jame Hair Loss Theory #3 Hair Loss Products. There are several hair loss products that could help with LeBron James hair line. Everything from topical minoxidil to orally ingested finasteride. Often times people find these hair loss products to be their first defense. These products are often paired Zenagen Revolve treatment shampoo. Topical hair loss shampoo's must be developed for optimal conditions for hair loss and the hair loss causes. Zenagen Revolve has been developed to utilize proprietary nutraceutical components to optimally provide anti-aging properties for hair to be the maximum thickness and fullness. LeBron James knows what he has done with his hair, do you?

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by Zenagen Team – June 12, 2015